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Advanced Alliance International, Inc. (the official name of our company) was established in June 2000. Our corporate office is located in San Diego, California, USA.

All products offered on this website were imported directly from Italy. We travel to Italy on a regular basis. We meet with designers and manufacturers in person when placing our orders. There are NO "middlemen" between us and the Italian designers / original manufacturers of these high-quality leather handbags that we offer on our website. We always have "factory direct" official importation or customs documents along with official receipts on every bag that we sell.

We bring you Italian handbags with the famous Italian flair, fashion and elegance, sleek lines, beautiful simplicity, and sophisticated styling. Many of the styles we offer are very practical. They do not change from season to season, and most of them are not available in stores in the USA.

One of the distinctive features of all of our Italian leather handbags is the unmatched quality. Owning such a handbag at a substantial discount is a great experience for each woman!

In establishing the range of handbags available for you in our online catalog, we put serious effort into considering each product's quality, fashion edge, and price. As a result, we offer 100% authentic Italian hand-selected merchandise with a blend of hot new boutique-style and some of Europe's most famous household names as well - for less!

Most Italian designer handbag factories consist of a handful of people, often multi-generation families, specializing in the art of handbag making. Such Italian manufacturers are not over "commercialized", and in many cases, they give great importance to maximum quality and styling of their products. Their bags are meant to be used, they will last for years, and they are beautiful pieces of artwork.

Since we are direct importers, we pass our savings on to you. That is why we encourage you to shop at our website for the finest in quality and best value available on the web!

It is our hope that for you, like for many of our other savvy American and International customers, this website will become a favorite web store, where you will be able to save money while enjoying the highest quality in Italian leather craftsmanship.

Browse our online catalog, and you will be thrilled at the variety and exclusivity of the items we carry. Please bookmark this site NOW and visit us often since we are constantly adding new items to our inventory. Some items have very limited stock. Once sold out, they are sold out forever. If you cannot find something that you saw on our website previously, chances are you have missed out, and that item is gone for good. Do not miss out on any deals on Italian leather handbags you see on our website today! We understand your undying passion for fashion, and we are dedicated to keeping your passion alive!

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Advanced Alliance International, Inc.
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Phone: 702 799 9687